Flowy Pants & High Neck Tee


Hey guys, so I really wanted to post a Fourth of July outfit but I literally had no time on the fourth. I had to work from 10am to 4pm and then drive all the way to the cape to go to a cookout. Although I did end up having a really fun fourth I had no time to show you what I was wearing so sorry about that! So anyways, today I decided I’d do my post. But of course, this afternoon¬†I got called to work from 5pm to 10pm. Lucky me right!? Luckily I had a few hours that I could quickly get my outfit in, thank god. So today I went to a local farm about ten minutes from my house so I could show you this look. I wanted to show you an outfit I would wear out to lunch maybe or to go out with my friends. This outfit was super comfy, but literally so cute. These pants are one of my favorite piece I have in my wardrobe right now. I love the tropical design they have with the banana leaves. And this top goes so perfectly and is super soft on the skin. I didn’t add a bag to this outfit because I don’t carry a purse all the time, sometimes I just don’t feel like carrying anything around with me (mostly because I’m super duper lazy). But anyway hopefully next week I’ll have a little more time to show you an outfit thats in a much cooler/fun location but I’m about to be late for work so I’ll talk to you guys soon. Buh-bye!


Top: Francesca’s

Pants: Francesca’s

Sandals: American Eagle (similar)


Sunglasses: TOMS (similar)

Jewelry: Local Boutique (similar), Kiel James Patrick, Cape Cod bracelet

Lips: The Beauty Crop


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