3 College “Night Out” Outfit Ideas!

So you’re probably wondering where I have been. No I did not stop blogging, I just took a little break so I could come up with new and improved ideas for you guys! I want to put up content that you guys will actually find useful. So as a college student I know one of the biggest struggles of going out on the weekends is finding something to wear. Girls take up to an hour contemplating outfits! So I’m here to help relieve a bit of stress for you. Here are my 3 favorite going out outfits I’ll be rocking this fall semester! And a plus is that, since these outfits are made up of mostly neutrals, you can mix n’ match them to create so many cute outfits! Lets get into it!

P.S In NO WAY am I promoting college drinking, it is totally normal to go out and not drink. And if you are not into the “college party scene” then maybe these outfits will be useful for other occasions. Enjoy!

1. Bohemian & Fun


This outfit is perfect if you like to get SUPER dressed up at your university, because at mine that’s the norm! Jean skirts are super in these days so I had to get one. And it looks super cute with this flowy, bohemian top! Also, to your surprise, these super high heels are actually really comfy! So feel free to dance the night away in this super fun outfit!

Top: LuLu’s

Skirt: LuLu’s

Wedges: LuLu’s


2. Edgy & Neutral


This outfit is again pretty “dressed up” but toned down a tad. I have been loving skirts for going out and this suede one is so cute! I love all the studs on it, it adds an extra edge to the outfit. And I just paired it with this black high neck top, some slip on black heels, and called it a night!

Top: Madewell

Skirt: Express (similar)

Heels: Forever 21


3. Casual & Comfy


This outfit is more for a night where you’re not in the mood to put on some pair of uncomfortable heels, because trust me we all have those nights. And some of you might go to schools where you don’t get super dressed up, which is ok because this will be the perfect outfit for you! I have been loving bodysuits¬†and this one from urban is super cute with the high neck. And these rip jeans look super edgy with it. Then I just threw on a pair of converse and was all set!

Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Madewell

Sneakers: Converse



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