Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas!

Happy Saturday! Today I’m here to show you what you should wear for formal sorority recruitment! For some of you college freshman, mainly down south, you have already gone through formal recruitment so congratulations to all of you that have just joined a chapter! But for the rest of us however, who are still anticipating formal recruitment, this will be a much needed guide for you. I know when I was going through formal recruitment last year I was so lost on what I should wear, so I hope I can relieve some stress! Lets get into the outfits! By the way if you’re wondering I am part of Alpha Phi at the University of Rhode Island! So to those of you coming to URI this fall I definitely recommend you go greek! I promise you won’t regret it!

Round 1 – House Tours


Here is Round 1! This is when you go around to all of the chapter’s houses and meet the girls. At my university round 1 is when you also receive a house tour. This may vary from school to school. Other schools may give you house tours during round 2 etc., but regardless you will be going to every single house this day. So you want to be prepared for a long day of walking and conversing with different chapters. For round 1 most schools will give you a t-shirt that every PNM (potential new member) will wear (if they don’t then I would use my round 2 example as a reference for what to wear round 1 also). I definitely recommend you wear shorts for this round, it can be very hot at the beginning of the school year and some of the houses at your school may not have AC. I also tucked the shirt in because when I was rushing they ran out of my size for shirts and I had to wear a large, so be prepared for that! For shoes you want to be comfy, but I don’t recommend throwing on your dirty shower flip flops for this occasion. You want to represent yourself well, so going with a cute pair of sandals or even (clean) converse is perfect for this! For jewelry keep it simple, you don’t want anything that’ll be too distracting or over the top. I just wore this simple bar necklace I got off of etsy to add a little something extra.

Shirt- Will be provided

Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Sandals- Jack Rogers

Necklace- Etsy (Freshy Fig)

Round 2 – Sisterhood


Here is the outfit for round 2! On this day you won’t be going to as many houses as round 1 but still a decent amount so you want to be comfy! At my school you can go to a max of 7 out of the 10 houses on this day for an example, so be prepared for a lot of walking and talking. This day is also sisterhood day at my university so most likely each house will show you a short video and talk about their chapters sisterhood (pretty self explanatory). So here you want to wear something you would wear out to lunch or brunch with your family. So you want to be classy (this is not the time to show off any cleavage), but also wear something that displays your personality. I decided to wear these cute shorts that have lots of colors and patterns that’ll help me stand out from other PNMs! And it went very well with this high neck green tank top. Again you want to wear flat shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so sandals are perfect! I also wore the same bar necklace as the round 1 for an added touch.

Shirt- Francescas

Shorts- Pinkyotto (similar)

Sandals- Steve Madden (similar)

Necklace- See round 1

Round 3 – Philanthropy


Here is round 3! For this round you will be going to less houses, but still a good amount so you want to be comfy! At my school you can go to a max of 5 out of the 10 houses. On this day the chapters will be talking about the different philanthropies that they represent. You’ll want to dress a little fancier this day so I’d recommend a sundress like this one or a cute romper. Again you’ll be doing a lot of walking so save the heels for another day, sandals will be just fine (I wore the same ones as round 2). And once again I wore my bar necklace for my accessory.

Dress- Tobi

Shoes- See round 2

Necklace- See round 1

Round 4 – Preference


Here is the final recruitment outfit! Round 4 is Preference. This means you will only be going to your top 2 chapters and at each sorority you will take part in a special ceremony. So needless to say you’ll want to dress up for this day! Since you’ll only be visiting 2 houses and it’s the dressiest day of recruitment, you’ll want to wear heels. And you’ll definitely want to wear a nice dress. This outfit I chose is very dressy, but if you want to wear something even fancier be my guest. It is better to be over dressed than under dressed I like to say. And lastly to top it off, I wore my bar necklace for an added touch.

Dress- Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes- LuLus

Necklace- See round 1

Recruitment Makeup Hair & Nails

Makeup- Keep the makeup natural for all rounds of recruitment. Leave the smokey eye and dark lipstick for a different occasion. Often heavy makeup can be really distracting from the conversations you’ll be having with the girls. Light face makeup (Maybelline’s Dream BB Fresh & Laura Mercier Mineral Powder), simple neutral eyeshadow (Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 1), mascara (Benefit’s Roller Lash), and manicured brows (Benefit’s Gimme Brow) is all you need. The girls want to see you, not your makeup.

Hair- I highly recommend wearing your hair down for all days of recruitment. No crazy undoes or braids are very appropriate for this occasion. Straightening it or having loose curls is perfect. Spending a little extra time on your hair for recruitment will show to the girls you have yourself together and that you put thought into coming to recruitment.

Nails- Freshly manicured nails and toes are perfect for putting your best foot forward (literally). The best colors would be neutrals or anything that compliments your skin tone. Stray away from any crazy designs or long acrylics, they are not needed and can be distracting.

Hopefully this was helpful to any of you upcoming PNM’s out there! And good luck to all of you with recruitment! It is a long and crazy process, but trust me it is so worth it in the end! Talk to you soon 🙂

P.S This is not a mandatory guide, but just helpful tips for anyone who needed some help with their recruitment looks!


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