Dear Miss. Heartbroken

So hey guys, you’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting. Yes everything is fine, but I just got back to school about a month ago and I needed time to adjust to schoolwork and find time to schedule in doing blog posts for you guys. I’m still figuring out when I can find a more stable schedule, but nevertheless I wanted to post something that I’ve been dying to post for awhile now. I’m used to posting about fashion, food, and beauty. But this time I’m going to be a little vulnerable (something I’m pretty scared to do on here) and post something that is more personal. I’ve always been someone who loves giving advice, mainly very brutally honest advice, so here I am with my first advice post! I am going to call these “Dear Miss…”, it’ll be in a letter type format, and I am planning on doing all sorts of topics that I feel I know I can help you guys out on. Also I chose to use “Miss” because my audience is primarily female but if you are a guy then by all means keep reading, this could help you too. These posts may not be for all of you, but I’m hoping there may be somebody out there reading this that actually needs my help. So let us get into it!

Dear Miss. Heartbroken,

If you’re reading this you probably have recently been through a break up or more specifically you got broken up with. And it sucks, you feel like your world is falling apart and any future plans you had with that person are ruined. We have all been there and it is absolutely the worst feeling in the world. But instead of telling you something that you have heard a million times. I’m going to give you the truth, something that I could’ve really needed when going through something like this.

So whoever that person may have been I’m guessing they  may have told you something along the lines of “I just need time to work on myself” or “I really don’t think I can juggle having a relationship right now”. For most of you, I’m sure they said something in that vicinity. And I hate to break it to you babe, but thats a big load of bullshit. As much as it pains you to hear that, that person didn’t break up with you because of “bad timing” that they need to spend working on themselves (whatever the hell that means) or focusing more on “other things”. The truth is, they simply just did not want to be with you anymore. And that’s perfectly ok. Trust me, if you gave me a dollar for the amount of times someone has used that lame excuse on me or one of my friends, I’d be a billionaire. And to this day I still don’t understand why a person can’t simply say “I don’t wanna be with you anymore”, it really mind boggles me. But whatever, it is what it is. Don’t let the fact of them not wanting to be with you get you upset.

The reason I’m telling you this is because since they basically blammed the break up on the “timing” of your relationship, you have this small glimmer of hope that maybe things will work out between you too in the future. Am I right? Well truthfully, they won’t. It won’t work out between you two in the future. I know they are probably trying to let you down easy by leaving you with some hope for the future by saying “I can’t be with you right now“, but try your best to block that out of your mind. I’ve wasted so much time thinking that my exes and I will maybe get back together some day, when we just never would. I wasted time that I could’ve spent just moving on.

So while you need to realize that that person really just doesn’t wanna be with you, you also have to realize that that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. If that person doesn’t want to be with you anymore then why would you want to be with them. Don’t you want someone that wants you too? Yes right now that person may seem like the “be all and end all”. But I guarantee you there is a person out there smarter, nicer, and more attractive than this person was anyway. I’m sure someone has already told you that, but listen because it’s true. That “better”person may not come around for awhile, but eventually it’ll happen and you’ll be laughing at the thought of ever being upset about this silly breakup. But since you haven’t met that person yet and may not for years even, just try to go with the flow for now. Yes it is ok to be upset at first. So go ahead cry it all out. It’s ok. We’ve all done it. But after you let out all those tears and anger, let it all go.

Go do something you’ve always wanted to do. I guarantee there is something that you always wanted to do, but that your ex didn’t agree with. Well here is your chance, go do it! Get that tattoo that you’ve been wanting, go out with your friends and dance (dance really badly), or go to that movie you’ve been dying to see. Do what you wanna do because now it is all up to you. You don’t have a connection to this person that could have any input with what you do with your life. The only one that has any input now, is you.

So don’t close yourself off to anything because you’re not over your ex. Don’t even close yourself off to dating. Yes right this second may not be the best time to find someone new since you are still fresh off this split. But when your starting to get back on your feet again then get right out there. Go talk to that cute guy/girl in your math class or make an effort to flirt a little one night when your out with your friends. It doesn’t hurt, and you’ll feel so much better if you do. And whatever else you’ve been holding off on, go do it! I know that you can.

Doing things for yourself will help you to forget why you were even sad about losing that person anyways. Isn’t that the best kind of “break-up revenge”. Simply showing that you don’t need that person in order to live your life. Honestly, it’s so true. Just trying new things and having fun shows you’re fine without them. And you are, if you just let yourself. I don’t just call this blog Get it Together for no reason. Right now all you need to do is just get yourself together, and go do something. I promise, you’ll thank yourself later.

Well I hope this bit of advice was able to help some of you out there feeling like this because everyone will unfortunatly go through a broken heart at some point, it’s just part of life. Also very quickly, to any “exes” or whatever who may be reading this because you probably are. Hi, whats up, how are you. This isn’t targeting any of you by any means. I don’t care to do that at all, that would be silly. This is just to lend a helping hand to those people out there feeling pretty shitty right now. So to those people who are, I hope you enjoyed and can take something out of what I said! I’ll talk to you guys soon! But in the mean time go do something fun, you deserve it.


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