6 Things I Learned in 2016

So the new year is almost upon us, and I wanted to do a post reflecting on this past year. One thing I can take from 2016 is that, I learned a lot. I not only learned, but I grew up a lot. So I wanted to share some of these things I learned this past year, and hopefully you can focus on a few of these things in the upcoming year.

1. Stop Settling 

Stop dating that person with the funny jokes, but with asshole friends. Stop dating the person that says the sweetest things to you, but flakes on all your plans. You’re settling. Date the person that has everything you want. And if you find out he/she doesn’t, don’t waste your time. You deserve everything you want, and I promise you’ll get it! If you stop dating the people who don’t. This year make a list of everything you want in a significant other, and follow it. Trust me, it’ll help you come a lot closer to that person who has it all.


2. Accept Everyone for their Differences

Everyone is different. Not everyone is as kind as you, as thoughtful as you, or even as forgiving as you. And that is ok. Stop trying to change that. Trying to change people only leads to disappointment and frustration. Accept that they are different from you and move on. You can’t change the person, but you can change the way you react to that persons differences.


3. Stop Your Fear of Being Alone 

Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely. There is such thing as being alone and being happy. Everyone should have the ability to be alone and be happy. Being alone is a whole lot better than being in that toxic relationship that is just going to leave you heartbroken anyway. I swear, once you are able to be alone and feel totally okay, that is when that right “non-toxic” person will come into your life. The moment you stop fearing being alone.

4. Have Trust in, “If It Will Be, It Will Be” 

You cannot force something that is not meant to be because in the end it will simply not be. No matter how much you force it. It is as transparent as that. Go with the flow and let life take its course. Things will remain in your life if they are meant to be there and if they aren’t then they won’t. And in the end those things that don’t stay in your life weren’t worth your time anyway. Have trust in that, and understand that not everything in life is controllable.

5. Get Your Priorities Straight

Stop overthinking that text you just received and pay attention to your lecture! If you haven’t spent time with your family in awhile, then do not choose to have drinks with your friends instead of seeing them. Figure out your priorities. Having your priorities straight will not only help you to feel more organized, it’ll stop you from disappointing others, and missing out on important things in life. You don’t want to look back on another year and think that you spent time focusing on the wrong things. Look back on it and think about how well you did focusing on the right things.

6. It is Ok to be Selfish 

It is ok to put yourself first. Although it is nice to always think of others before yourself. Don’t let that always be the case, think of yourself for a change. Do the things that you want to do, regardless of other peoples opinions. Are you going to let other people control how you live your life? No. And if you want to treat yourself, then you should do it. Stop worrying about everyone else, worrying about you is more important.


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