So the new year is almost upon us, and I wanted to do a post reflecting on this past year. One thing I can take from 2016 is that, I learned a lot. I not… View Post

Hi guys! Here I am with another advice post in my “Dear Miss…” series. I know I haven’t done a style post in quite some time but don’t worry I am in the works to… View Post

So hey guys, you’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting. Yes everything is fine, but I just got back to school about a month ago and I needed… View Post

Sorry about not posting a smoothie last week! Super busy, but that just means that NEXT week will be the last week for smoothies. Don’t worry though, I have many more other healthy eating recipes… View Post

Here is smoothie number 4! Only 2 more weeks of smoothies guys! This weeks smoothie is my “Berry Delicious” smoothie (corny I know). It is my take on a classic berry smoothie. For this smoothie… View Post